Aldene Etter, MEd, Licensed Massage Therapist

Intuitive Bodywork for Women*...Listening to YOU and your BODY since 2001.



For many years in my bodywork practice, I have combined CranioSacral Therapy with Deep Tissue Massage and other hands on modalities such as Reflexology and Shiatsu.  Additionally, I have a large toolbox of 'hands off' healing techniques/modalities including Theta Healing, Shamanic Healing Techniques, Yoga, Breathing/Sound Practices.  Years of meditation and spending time in natural environments have nurtured my Intuition into the most important tool I have.  I continuously cultivate this gift.  My experiences have allowed my abilities to grow and develop. 

As my work continues to evolve, I have made some changes in my practice such accepting Women Only, offering 90 minutes sessions only and using CranioSacral Therapy during every session.  More often, the sessions are completely CranioSacral Therapy and the results have been amazing.  Come find out for yourself what can happen when you slow down, breathe, notice and just BE.

I invite you to allow transformation and deep relaxation into your life. 

Slow down.   Breathe.   Notice.   Be.  We are human BEINGS, after all! 

I graduated from one of the best schools in the country, Florida School of Massage.  Since then, I have continuously studied bodywork and energy work modalities, in classes AND on the table (I receive REGULAR sessions.)  I have learned a lot from the bodies on my table over the years practicing in Florida, Massachusetts, India and  West Virginia.  I continue to LISTEN to what clients (and their bodies) have to say.  I have used this information to give the best sessions possible. 

Over the years I have consistently heard "that was the best session I have ever had."  I invite you to schedule an appointment to have that experience for yourself!

Looking forward to meeting you on your journey!





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