Aldene Etter, MEd, Licensed Massage Therapist

Intuitive Bodywork for Women*...Listening to YOU and your BODY since 2001.


Welcome.  For many years in my bodywork practice, I have combined CranioSacral Therapy with Deep Tissue Massage and other hands on modalities such as Reflexology and Shiatsu.  Additionally, I have a large toolbox of 'hands off' healing techniques/modalities including Theta Healing, Shamanic Healing Techniques, Yoga, Breathing Practices.  Years of meditation and spending time in natural environments have nurtured my Intuition into the most important tool I have.  I continuously cultivate this gift.  My experiences have allowed my abilities to grow and develop.  

I invite you to allow transformation and deep relaxation into your life. 

Slow down.   Breathe.   Notice.   Be.  We are human BEINGS, after all! 

I graduated from one of the best schools in the country, Florida School of Massage.  Since then, I have continuously studied bodywork and energy work modalities, in classes AND on the table (I receive REGULAR sessions.)  I have learned a lot from the bodies on my table over the years practicing in Florida, Massachusetts, India and  West Virginia.  I continue to LISTEN to what clients (and their bodies) have to say.  I have used this information to give the best sessions possible. 

Over the years I have consistently heard "that was the best session I have ever had."  I invite you to schedule an appointment to have that experience for yourself!

Looking forward to meeting you on your journey!





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