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At your first appointment, we will discuss your health history and other pertinent information.  At the beginning of EVERY session, there will be a verbal and visual check-in during which time you will be able to update me on your health issues and concerns.  Bodywork sessions are currently being offered at the Harmony Room (Jala Yoga) on New Street (211 East New St.) in Shepherdstown.

What does a session entail?  75 minutes means 75 minutes on the table unless you choose to talk more than the allotted check in time (which some people do...choosing to discuss the issues that are in their tissues).  I incorporate Shiatsu, craniosacral therapy and massage in EVERY session AND will use other modalities as needed.  If you are someone who likes to rest on the table after the session, this will be part of your table time so please let me know ahead of time. I endeavor to be on time for YOU and therefore for the person whose session follows.

Payment is expected before or at the time of service.  If you choose to pay with a credit card, please do so online BEFORE your appointment.  You are responsible for payment of your scheduled appointment even if you decide to cancel last minute (under 24 hours to time of appointment.)

$100 for 75 minutes on the table

$130 for 100 minutes on table

"On the table" means exactly that.  On your calender, Schedule an additional TEN-Fifteen minutes for checking in, dressing, using the restroom, payment, scheduling subsequent appointments and walking to your car.


Frequency of visits is an individual choice. How often someone comes in is based on what their goals are and the ability to put their resources in support of those goals.  IN GENERAL, a monthly session is a good maintenance schedule.  If someone is wishing to CHANGE habits or change/manage chronic pain, more regular sessions are probably most effective.  It is best to experiment and find out what works for YOU.  I often suggest 'homework'....activities to do at home. These support and deepen the in-office work toward a client's goal.















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