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Energy Clearing

Quantum physics has proven that everything in the universe and beyond is made up of energy, constantly flowing and changing and affecting us. The energy of the places in which we live, work and socialize will affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Energetically, everything that happens in a building – thoughts, actions and emotions – is held there like dust, imprinted on the walls, floors, and furniture. (This also applies to land.) Traumas, arguments, grief, depression, shock, stress, sadness, worry, repeated patterns of behavior and ill-health can leave ‘bad vibes.’  This energy stagnates, affecting the people and animals who live there, perpetuating the tendency for negative experiences.  

Space Clearing is a profound and highly effective technique to clear past energy.  Once a space has been cleared, it becomes filled with vibrant, positive, revitalized energy and in doing so raises the quality of our lives. Think of the energy you feel when you are at the ocean.

Space clearing is a practice found in many cultures.  In the past, people have used drums to ‘drum out the evil spirits’.  In the West, people use spring-cleaning and house-warming parties to clear the old energy and bring in the new.

Energy Clearing (on Site):

This is a deeply cathartic and rewarding experience.  While I often perform a complete space clearing from a remote location, my preferred method is onsite.

Prior to the consultation, I will give you guidelines and advice on how best to prepare for the Energy Clearing, which will include cleaning and clutter-clearing if possible.  I will begin the clearing process with a Remote Clearing.

When I arrive at your home, I will sense the work to be done by tuning into the history of the building and surrounding land, and the frequencies of energy and emotional imprints that are present. 

I will then begin the process of purifying and harmonizing the space by burning sage, ringing bells, chanting, using a clearing mist or one of the other many tools that I use. Occasionally spirit release is necessary (in a safe and compassionate way encouraging wayward spirits to move on to the light.)

After the purification and harmonizing is completed, I will do a walkthrough of the site to make notes on remedies and changes that could enhance the continued harmonizing flow of energy.  Often I leave the clients a list of suggestions and/or homework to encourage ownership and stewardship of the energy of the site.


Energy Clearing is particularly useful:

After clutter-clearing or spring cleaning

To remove the energy of the previous occupants of a house

To remove the energy of change in a newly built house

To help you bond with a house

To help sell a house

After a divorce, bereavement or change of job

If you have had a bad experience in your home

If you feel uncomfortable or spooked in any room

If you know that the building or land has a violent history 

After a period of ill health, depression or arguments 

To clear a therapy treatment room 

At the start of a new relationship

To prepare the house for a new baby


2018  Rates for Clearing

There is a base fee to cover remote sensing, distance clearing and supplies for onsite clearing. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Once you have paid the fee, the work begins.

$100 base fee rate for the areas in and around Shepherdstown, West Virginia. 

$100 plus transportation, lodging, meals etc for locations away from Shepherdstown.  Rate is mutually decided upon when scheduling the clearing.  I am willing to travel most anywhere in the world.

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