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Aldene Etter, MEd, LMT: Listening to YOU and your BODY since 2001.


As an intuitive coach, I support clients in developing the skills needed to access their OWN intuition. After speaking with an intuitive coach, a client may discover that her headache may mean she has gone too long between meals and her blood sugar has dropped, yet it may also mean she has gone too long without doing something sweet, like going out with her friends or hiking in the woods. But 

By validating the unseen and being open to the unexpected, intuitive coaches are able to assure clients that inner guidance is always available. The intuitive voice is the authentic one. Yet, why is it so hard for some of us to access it? Why does fear or resistance often rise up, preventing us from tapping into our psyche’s realm?

In my intuitive coaching practice I facilitate the listening to bodies, minds, emotions and spirits.  When clients contact me about their struggle with chronic pain, for example,  a common symbolic interpretation identifies that they have remained too long in an unfulfilling job or given to others to the exclusion of themselves.

Using Video Chat, intuitive coaches can create and hold a space to help people move beyond challenges into a conscious life in which choices are based on their inner guidance. 






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